Hugo Boss Point of Sale Stand


Portfolio_POS_exploded_diagramThe Brief:

To design a point of sale of Hugo Boss fragrance ranges including Boss Black, Boss Orange and Hugo Boss to be placed in either department stores or airport duty free shopping areas.

Hugo Boss has a keen interest in architecture.  Using inspiration from cellular architectural trends the concept was sketched and then worked up into a 3D model.

To ensure that the point of sale drew footfall from a distance large poster end back lit panels were included.  Display glass fronted cabinet ends showcased product.   The black and white sides ensure that the corporate identity could be collaborated into the one point of sale stand for all Boss fragrance product.  All fragrance bottles and packaging were 3D modelled to ensure that the full product range for each of the fragrance ranges fit on shelves and were easily accessible by the customer.

Finally an animation was prepared of a fly through past the stand, starting from an elevated position at the top of an escalator.  The client was clear that the point of sale needed to stand out from all visible angles.

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